Coast to Coast Structural Engineering

Licensed in 48 States

Sullaway Engineering, Inc., is based in San Diego, CA, and led by CEO and Principal Engineer, Michael F. Sullaway, P.E. who is licensed in 48 states. He oversees seven engineers who not only subspecialize in signage, awnings and canopies, tension fabric structures, and custom components, but have the collective capacity and experience to tackle just about any project requiring structural design.

Commitment to Relationships:

We seek to cultivate a longstanding partnership which enables us to deliver timely and cost-effective designs to you through comprehensive communication and collaboration. The engineer assigned to every project will personally connect with your company to discuss deliverables and ensure the smoothest possible process. Additionally, our engineering staff is available and eager to help as early as 6AM Eastern on weekdays.

Preliminary Calculation

We want to assist you in securing projects by enabling accurate estimate development. In order to help in this regard, we have developed a preliminary calculation program that allows you to secure pertinent information such as member sizes and concrete volumes early on for a fraction of the engineering cost, which can then be applied toward an engineering package should you be awarded the job.

Prototype Engineering

We also offer “prototype engineering” for national or regional expansions, rebranding campaigns, and conversions, all of which saves you time and money! Please call for more information.


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Sullaway Engineering

Sullaway Engineering

Sullaway Engineering